This web site shows how we can elect true representatives in government.  It proposes a voter-centric approach for empowering citizens to have influence in our political system after elections. This is the opposite of what other political organizations and their web sites do. All of them preserve the status quo of political power being kept in the hands of politicians. Some of them do this intentionally, because they don’t want citizens interfering with the law-making decisions of their supported politicians. Others are simply unaware that they are keeping politicians as insiders and themselves as outsiders in our political system.

When our political system was established in the 18th century, it represented an attempt to function as a democratic republic. Unfortunately, it has never provided true democratic representation by our citizens. Instead, it functions as an autocratic republic, where citizens vote for their representatives, but have no voice in their decisions after elections. In fact, our US Constitution does not require our officeholders to pay attention to their constituents. A Supreme Court ruling made this clear in 1984 (465 U.S. 271 1984): “Nothing in the First Amendment or in this Court's case law interpreting it suggests that the rights to speak, associate, and petition require government policymakers to listen or respond to communications of members of the public on public issues.”

In other words, we have First Amendment rights to protest the decisions of our political insiders, but have no right to interfere with them. We can march in the streets until our shoes fall off, present politicians with petitions that are 50 feet long, or call their offices to plead with them to do the right thing. However, this rarely influences these political insiders, unless they believe it will affect their election outcomes.

Today, we now have a way to actually influence the law-making decisions of these government employees, using our readily available 21st century technologies. Instead of spending our energy to protest and complain, we can redirect it to elect true representatives. We can do this because we now have more access to computers than ever before. Many have desktops, laptops or smart phones, or can use computers available today in every public library. Unless we demand that our officeholders use this technology, we’ll continue to elect people that make decisions for us, instead of with us.

To elect true representatives, I propose a pledge of honor. It will give every voting-age citizen power to influence and monitor the decisions of their representatives. It demands that representatives provide a poll on their web sites for constituents to determine how they want them to vote on laws that affect their lives. This pledge will provide true democratic majority rule for our citizens. It also makes it very easy for citizens to identify politicians who prefer keeping the status quo of power exclusively in their own hands, and continue to ignore their constituents.

Citizens participating in polls with their true representatives will reveal how they want a specific law to pass or fail. Each citizen will have equal voting rights in these decisions. Business owners, minimum-wage employees, and other citizens will have their individual votes cast for each law affecting their community. For example, each citizen can decide if they want to decrease or increase taxes on themselves, or on corporations. The result of their opinions will be displayed on their representative’s web site. This will provide undeniable evidence if their representatives are responding to the majority opinion of their community, or ignoring it.

This kind of polling differs significantly from the usual polling done by politicians. Typically, politicians present ideas or plans for polling, without any specific written legislation. However, any idea or plan for polling is irrelevant, unless there is an actual written law to fulfill it. Only laws affect our lives, not plans or policy statements, no matter how appealing they sound. Whenever politicians speak, we must always ask them a few revealing questions. For example, “What laws have you written or support that fulfill your ideas or plans?” “How can you represent your constituents, if you don’t ask for their opinions before you make decisions for them?”

If you agree to sign this pledge, you will easily win debates. It provides you with a unique way to win primaries and elections, even against multiple-term politicians. Your debating opponents will be tongue-tied trying to counter your message of empowering voters to guide the decisions you make for them. It will leave your opponents repeating the same tired political promises like “I will fight and work hard for you”. They will be stuck trying to defend an indefensible position of ignoring their voters and making decisions without their input.

There is no better time for you to run as a true representative. You now know a very simple, but powerful way to defeat your opponents. Whether they are career politicians, or newcomers claiming to be more progressive or conservative than you are, it will not matter. If they claim to be more experienced that you, you’ll simply say that you agree. That is, they are definitely experienced at ignoring the people they are supposed to represent! Your potential voters will clearly see you are not the usual politician. Instead, you are someone they can trust to actually listen and respond to them, and provide undeniable evidence of it. You’ll simply turn the statements of your opponents away from issues decided by themselves, to issues decided by the majority of the voters participating in your polls.

What I’m trying to do with this site is to create an evolutionary movement to change how voters view their representatives in government. Our political system is not the problem. The people who run it are the problem. And we are responsible for allowing them to run it the way they do. No revolution is needed to change the power of citizens in our political system, nor do we need to change any laws to achieve citizen power. Revolutions only encourage citizens to fight with each other, because they have no real voice in their government. We must stop accepting an outsider’s role, and demand that our elected officials listen and respond to us after their election.

Many voters today hunger for honest and trustworthy people to represent them. If you run for office, you’ll point out that they no longer have to choose between the lesser of two evils offered by corporate financed political parties in every election. Whether you run as a Democrat, Republican or Independent, you’ll clearly be their best choice.

Note that corporate financed Democrats or Republican politicians occupy 99% of our government offices. They either use these party labels, or receive financial aid from their political organizations that want to serve their business interests. However, if you understand the concept of my pledge, you must set your own personal political ideology aside. It doesn’t matter whether you decide to run as a Democrat or Republican. Your job will be to propose legislation that you or others have written, and see if it meets the majority interests of your constituents.  

If you sign the pledge, I’ll work with you to help you get elected. I will do this as a volunteer; and expect you to help other like-minded people to join our movement. If you don’t agree with something in the way I wrote this pledge, feel free to change it. However, it must keep the basic concept of having a poll for constituents that shows their opinions for you to vote for or against written legislation.

One thing to consider is that you should identify the dominating political party of your voting community if its politicians win with very high margins in elections. Then run as a member of it to increase your chances of success. Most people have a habit of voting for Democrats or Republicans. This can be important to win primaries in states that only accept those with political party affiliations to dominate their political control over their citizens. 

However, if you are not running for office, try giving my pledge to people you support, whether they call themselves Democrats, Republicans or something else. This pledge will quickly identify those who honestly intend to listen or respond to you after their election, and those who won’t. It provides an easy way to identify those to trust and give them your full support. However, be prepared for disappointment when most candidates refuse to sign it, say they will consider it and then try to ignore you in the future. Will this not give you clear evidence that they have no intention to represent your community when they take office?

In sum, the mission of our movement is to educate voters to recognize that they should have a voice in how their government functions after elections. It’s time to stop allowing politicians to make decisions for us, and elect individuals who will be true representatives of the people. Conservative and progressive minded citizens need to stop fighting with each other over issues both have no power to influence. We need a movement to educate our fellow citizens to learn a very simple way for citizens to have true power in our government. Will you join our movement, or continue to let politicians dictate laws for you to obey? Now go see the details of the pledge and the possible outcomes it can create for us.

Dominick Palella