On my honor, I pledge to represent the majority interests of my constituents, as defined herein.

On my government web site, I will inform my constituents of all legislation, or other measures available for my voting decisions. I will provide a summary of the pros and cons for each, and a link to their content. I encourage my constituents to participate in polling to voice their opinions on legislation I can vote on as their representative. In addition, I will hold at least 12 town hall meetings with constituents each year of my employment as a public servant to discuss legislation that they are concerned about.  

Constituents of at least 18 years of age, and primary residents of my voting district for at least 30 days, may participate in polling to express their opinions on legislation I can vote on to represent their interests. Proof of age and primary residence must be submitted in person at one of my government offices to participate in polling for decisions I can make for them. The total number of registered polling participants will be tallied, updated and displayed daily on my web site.

Once proof of age and residence is established by a constituent, he or she will be provided with a polling ID number that includes the date of registration.  Each will receive email notifications of impending legislation for me to vote on. Using this polling ID number, they can visit my office, call my office, or go online to take part in polling. In each case, their name and address must be verified with their ID information registered with my office. When participating in polling, their polling ID number will be displayed, along with the time their vote was recorded on my web site. Those polling may also choose to have their email address and/or phone number displayed for discussions with other citizens of their community. Polling for each of my voting decisions will be given as soon as possible before I cast any vote for or against a bill or other measure on their behalf.

Polling participants may vote one time in each poll, for or against a bill or other measure available for my voting decision. After any number of these constituents cast their votes, I will make a decision based on what I think best represents their interests. If my decision is contrary to a majority of my constituents voting in the poll, I will present a written and/or audio/visual explanation for voting against their majority opinion on my web site. However, if at least 67% of my polling constituents want me to vote for or against legislation, I will vote according to their wishes.

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